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Don't blame patients for medical errors, blame providers

Each year, approximately 251,000 people in this country die from medical errors. Those deaths are considered preventable deaths. Even with that staggering figure being brought to light, there seems to be little being done to prevent those preventable deaths from occurring.

What are some fairly common pregnancy complications?

Pregnant women hope that they will have an easy pregnancy without any serious complications. While many women do get to experience that, there are some women who have to live with some very serious pregnancy complications. Knowing some of the possible pregnancy complications might help you to better understand them if you are suffering from one.

What is group B strep and why is testing pregnant women crucial?

Before a pregnant woman gives birth to a baby, she should be tested for group B strep. A woman who tests positive for the infection would need to have antibiotics during labor to prevent complications that might occur if the infection is passed to the baby.

Medication errors during pregnancy can have devastating impacts

Pregnant women must be extra careful about what they ingest. This includes what medications they take. When a pregnant woman seeks medical care, her doctors must ensure that they aren't instructing her to take medications that can harm the baby or affect her pregnancy. Unfortunately, not all doctors take the proper precautions to ensure that the woman is only taking medications that are safe for use during pregnancy. We are here to help women who were given unsafe drugs during pregnancy to seek compensation for the harm occurred to her or her baby.

Newborn screenings help to identify health concerns

There is nothing that a new parent wants to hear more than a medical professional telling them that their new baby is perfectly healthy. While parents might not want to think about it, there are some serious health concerns that can impact a newborn. Babies that are born in hospitals go through a newborn screening process to help identify some medical issues that could be devastating to the baby.


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