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What are some fairly common pregnancy complications?

Pregnant women hope that they will have an easy pregnancy without any serious complications. While many women do get to experience that, there are some women who have to live with some very serious pregnancy complications. Knowing some of the possible pregnancy complications might help you to better understand them if you are suffering from one.

What is Rh negative disease?

Every person has a Rh factor for his or her blood. When a protein is present around the red blood cell, the person is Rh positive. If that protein is missing, the person is Rh negative. A woman who is Rh negative and is pregnant with a baby who is Rh positive can begin to have problems because her body starts to build up antibodies against the Rh positive baby. In order to combat this, women who are Rh negative are given a shot to prevent that build up. The first shot is given at 28 weeks' gestation and another shot is given after birth if the baby is Rh negative.

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs only when a woman is pregnant. It is crucial that a woman with gestational diabetes controls her blood sugar because there are risks associated with this condition. Most women develop this condition during the second trimester.

What is preterm labor?

Preterm labor occurs when you go into labor before 37 weeks' gestation. In some cases of preterm labor, medication and bed rest are necessary to try to prevent the birth.

It is crucial that the doctor monitor a woman who shows signs of any of these conditions. If a doctor misses any of these conditions, the woman and baby might suffer harm, which can lead to claims for compensation.

Source: American Pregnancy Assocation, "What Are The Common Pregnancy Complications?," accessed June 24, 2016

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