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Cerebral palsy requires lifelong care

In our previous blog post, we discussed how cerebral palsy is sometimes the basis of legal action. We briefly touched on the different factors that could lead a baby being born with cerebral palsy. If the cause of the child's cerebral palsy is something that the doctor did, you might opt to seek compensation.

Legal action due to cerebral palsy is often possible

Cerebral palsy is something that many people misunderstand. They tend to think of this as a disorder that has specific effects. In reality, cerebral palsy is a term that includes several different disorders that affect the body's movement and the brain's function.

How do spinal cord injuries occur during birth?

Childbirth can be a very difficult time for the mother and baby. When the infant is being born, he or she must be handled very carefully, as it is possible for trauma to occur if too much force is used during the delivery. This is true no matter which way the baby is presenting during the birth.

Woman's birth injury lawsuit wins $16 million

A woman who is pregnant often obssesses about what she wants her labor and birth to be like. Women often weigh the differences between a home birth, a hospital birth or a birthing center. Research usually helps the woman to make her decision. But, what happens if the facility the woman chose didn't live up to its advertised description? Does the mother have any recourse? The answer might just be that she can take action for the events that occurred.

Birth injuries mustn't be overlooked, watch for the symptoms

When your baby is born, you are probably going to ooh and ahh over the perfect little newborn. Some parents might initially go through that stage of awe and then begin to notice that something is amiss with the baby. In some cases, that might mean that the baby was the victim of a birth injury.

Fetal distress is a serious risk for an unborn baby

Fetal distress is a serious condition that obstetricians and other medical professionals must be cognizant of when they are treating a pregnant woman for any medical condition. When the fetus is in distress, there is a chance that irreparable damage can occur. If that damage does happen, parents might choose to seek compensation for medical malpractice.

Surgical deliveries require weighing risks and benefits

When a woman goes into labor, she will have either a vaginal delivery or a surgical delivery. In most cases, a surgical delivery isn't done unless there is a medical reason for the surgery. It is important for the medical professional who is overseeing the woman's case to ensure that the risks of the C-section delivery are outweighed by the benefits to the mother and the baby.

Facial nerve paralysis in a newborn is a scary ordeal

In our previous blog post, we discussed the fact that some birth assistance devices, including vacuum extractors and forceps, can cause injuries to the baby and the mother. One of the possible injuries that can occur is a facial nerve injury. While a this type of injury is likely to go away within a few months, we understand how frightening it is to see your newborn unable to control the movements on the affected side of the face.

Can assistive devices used for births cause injuries?

When a woman is labor, she is counting on the medical staff at the hospital or birth center to ensure that she and her unborn baby make it through the birth safely. There are instances in which a lack of progression during labor might lead the doctor who is delivering the baby to use forceps or a vacuum to help move the baby through the birth canal. It is imperative that the woman understand how these assistive birth devices are used.


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