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Labor and delivery complications might lead to legal action

Labor and delivery are stressful times for many women. Even pregnant women who plan for this time might find the uncertainty troublesome. Most women who are pregnant lean on the medical professionals involved in their care for information about the decisions they need to make. When the medical professionals don't provide necessary information, the woman might not be able to make informed decisions.

Respiratory syncytial virus is dangerous for premature babies

If your baby is born prematurely or with medical concerns, you have likely heard of respiratory syncytial virus. This serious illness is one that demands proper care. In some cases, it can be fatal. For the parents who have to deal with a positive RSV test, getting the care they need for their child is a priority. This can mean spending time in the hospital.

Fetal monitoring is important during labor

A woman who goes into the hospital thinking that she is in labor expects that she and her child will be cared for properly while she is there. This includes monitoring the fetal heart rate. This is very important because there are signals that might be present in the heart rate that would let doctors know that the baby is in distress and must be delivered right away.

Proper hand washing in hospitals is crucial

The last thing that you want when you go into a hospital, especially if you are only heading there to have a baby, is to leave sick. If the employees of the hospital don't follow proper hand washing procedures, there is a chance that you will come into contact with germs that can cause you to become sick.

Working to handle the legal aspects of your claim

Our previous blog post might have shocked some of our readers. You might have had an idea that doctors will cover up things to protect each other, but learning of a doctor who admits to doing that might have made the point really hit home. We know how mind boggling it is to think that doctors put some sort of pack mentality in front of patient safety.

Doctors lying to protect other doctors in malpractice lawsuits

Oftentimes, the fate of a medical malpractice case that goes before a jury hinges on the testimony that is part of the case. The person who is seeking compensation will usually rely on medical professionals to testify against the doctor who is blamed for the malpractice. That, however, doesn't always work out in the way that it should.

Be careful about medications in the hospital

Most people turn to doctors and nurses when they aren't feeling well. If you seek care at a hospital and are admitted, you can't just sit back and blindly take the medications that you are given. It is possible that the nurses who administer medications in the hospital will make errors that could cost you your life.

Newborn screenings help to identify health concerns

There is nothing that a new parent wants to hear more than a medical professional telling them that their new baby is perfectly healthy. While parents might not want to think about it, there are some serious health concerns that can impact a newborn. Babies that are born in hospitals go through a newborn screening process to help identify some medical issues that could be devastating to the baby.


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