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Complicated pregnancies don't excuse lax medical care

Pregnancy complications can sometimes creep, even when the woman is otherwise healthy. Once these complications are present, proper management is vital to help the mother and her unborn baby remain as safe as possible. In our previous blog post, we discussed gestational diabetes and how this diagnosis can sometimes lead to unnecessary interventions. This shows that there are two extremes that pregnant women might have to contend with when they have complications with their pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes interventions are sometimes unnecessary

A pregnant woman has a lot of things to think about when it comes to labor and delivery. If she has a medical condition that is affecting her pregnancy, she has to factor that condition into her birth plans. For a woman with gestational diabetes, the need might to balance a normal birth with unwanted interventions might occur because doctors sometimes take a risk-based approach to these pregnancies.

Undiagnosed pregnancy complications are troublesome

Most pregnant women have only one focus when it comes to their pregnancy -- they want to bring a healthy child into the world. There are some instances in which pregnancy complications make that difficult. For those women, having a doctor who can properly diagnose the pregnancy complications is one step closer toward having a healthy child.

An incompetent cervix threatens your pregnancy

A woman's cervix is the structure that contains the developing fetus inside of her uterus. When she goes into labor, the cervix will thin out and dilate, allowing the baby to pass through. Some women have a cervix that is considered incompetent. These women are at an increased risk of losing their baby because the cervix begins to open too early in the pregnancy.

Pregnancy-related issues can lead to compensation claims

We recently discussed how cervical length can impact pregnancy. If you recall, it is important for doctors to check on the cervical length and take appropriate action if there is any indication that there is a problem. That is only one of the possible complications that doctors who care for pregnant women have to watch for.

Cervical length can impact the success of a pregnancy

There are many factors that can affect a woman's pregnancy. One of these is the cervical length. The cervix is the bottom most portion of the uterus that resembles a neck. It attaches the uterus to the vagina, and it serves to keep the amniotic sac and baby in the uterus.

What is cholestasis of pregnancy and is it dangerous?

There are many conditions that a pregnant woman might have to deal with while she is pregnant. Some of these conditions are serious and others are more bothersome. Some conditions can be dangerous for some women and not for other women. Cholestasis falls into that category.

Some doctors questioning labor induction guidelines

It has long been the established guideline of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that women aren't induced until they are 42-weeks pregnant. The induction can be considered a week earlier but shouldn't be done until that mark. Of course, this is unless there are medical issues present with the pregnancy.

What are some fairly common pregnancy complications?

Pregnant women hope that they will have an easy pregnancy without any serious complications. While many women do get to experience that, there are some women who have to live with some very serious pregnancy complications. Knowing some of the possible pregnancy complications might help you to better understand them if you are suffering from one.

What is group B strep and why is testing pregnant women crucial?

Before a pregnant woman gives birth to a baby, she should be tested for group B strep. A woman who tests positive for the infection would need to have antibiotics during labor to prevent complications that might occur if the infection is passed to the baby.


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