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Common problems with technology in the operating room

Sometimes, the gadgets used during surgical procedures could play a role in the procedure going wrong.

No matter how much time is put into the prep of an operation room in Philadelphia, mistakes can still happen. Sometimes these mishaps are the fault of the doctor, but other times technology is to blame. According to LiveScience, 24 percent of errors during a typical operation are attributed to some type of equipment failure or problem. In fact, 1 in 4 errors in the operating room are caused by high-tech issues. Oftentimes, surgeries that are more reliant on the newest computers and tools, such as heart or brain procedures, have a higher chance of equipment failure than less complex procedures.

Nonintegrated equipment

Some problems associated with medical gear stem from a lack of integration. Poorly incorporated technology could increase the risk of user error because the different machines cannot work together.

Another problem with nonintegrated computers and intercoms is that the information a doctor gets may not be in real time, which could make it less accurate and potentially hazardous to the patient. When the system is not cohesive, all of the controls may become confused. This is especially true when the tools are specialized.

Faulty equipment

About 33 percent of the operating room errors are tied to defective equipment, according to the Digital Journal. This defectiveness could be linked to a bug in the technology or a lack of proper maintenance. Medical professionals may be able to reduce the risk of encountering defects by checking all tools and computers before a procedure starts.

Unavailable equipment

Another common problem in the operating room is not having the right computers and gear available. In fact, 37 percent of errors are associated with doctors and nurses not having access to the equipment they need to use for a particular procedure. It could be because the operating room has not been properly resupplied or the hospital simply does not have a certain piece of technology.

Inability to use equipment

Sometimes the issue does not lie with the gear being used. Instead, the surgeon or nurse does not know how to properly use the technology and equipment available to them. This can lead to human error as a result of complex computers. In certain cases, doctors struggle to get familiar with new gadgets because it is not as user friendly, or not perceived to be as user friendly, when compared to the older method of doing things.

Nonintegrated, faulty or unavailable technology and equipment can lead to errors in Philadelphia operating rooms and so can a doctor's inability to use said tools. If an injury takes place because of technology failure, it may be helpful to work with a knowledgeable attorney who may be able to help the wronged party work through the process.


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