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Lawyers Serving Clients Across The United States

Pennsylvania Birth Injury Lawyers Representing Parents And Their Children Across The United States

The attorneys at Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman have more than 100 years of combined experience handling birth injury and medical malpractice cases in Pennsylvania and beyond. Our lawyers work closely with experts and specialists in a wide range of fields, from medicine to economics. This allows us to build strong cases for clients whose children suffered birth injuries.

Associating With Law Firms Throughout The U.S.

Our lawyers practice in all state courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Several are also admitted to federal courts in Pennsylvania and in other states. In addition, we help parents throughout the United States by associating with local counsel wherever they live. This means that we can use our knowledge, experience and compassion to obtain compensation for families throughout the country.

Similarly, our firm welcomes inquiries from law firms in other states whose clients have cases pending before Pennsylvania or New Jersey courts.

How We Work With Local Attorneys On Birth Injury Cases

How does this work? When we associate with other attorneys, the legal fee is shared. This is true whether the other attorney is seeking birth injury representation in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, or if our lawyers represent clients in other states.

The precise nature of the representation we can provide depends on the state where the case is heard. Some states don't allow out-of-state lawyers to provide any type of representation without associating with an in-state attorney, while others will allow some measure of legal counsel if no lawsuit has yet been filed.

We Invite Your Questions About Birth Injury Cases Wherever You Are

Our law firm welcomes inquires from attorneys across the United States who are seeking local counsel in Pennsylvania for a birth injury matter. We also invite parents anywhere in the U.S. to contact us to learn how our lawyers can become advocates for their children.


Located in Philadelphia, Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman, P.C., home of MyPhillyLawyer, serves clients in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and throughout the United States.

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